Wonder where the name DropZone comes from?


In 1999, I began a small car club in the Rogue Valley called DropZone.  My garage was the “Drop Zone” for many cars and trucks that would be lowered, chopped and cut and made into some of the minitrucks and custom cars that are still running around the valley today.  

Years later, the name DropZone stuck with me and segway’d to a new venture, auto detailing; auto detailing in turn gave me opportunities to work on people’s wiring woes as well as mechanical issues.  The story goes on and on…today, I can do just about anything to a car or motorcycle from wiring it, gutting the cab and bodydropping it, building custom enclosures, engine swaps, harness swaps, paint refinish, paint repair, shaved door handles (my favorite), you name it.  That’s why we say, “At DropZone Specialties, Anything is Possible“.

Company Information

 Custom Decals

We specialize in custom cad-cut decals, image decals, magnetics, window lettering, logo design and signs.

 Custom Apparel

Did you know that we offer custom, high quality apparel at low cost?  Whether you’re in need of a team jersey, bachelorette party shirts, onesies, you name it we can probably do it!

 Online Ordering

By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster.  You can either order online products or contact us through the Custom Order Request Form via the Menu.

From time to time we will release a promo code for various discounts or free shipping.  These codes will generally be distributed via social media or through the BLOG.  

Keep your eyes out for it!

By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and generally track your orders in your account and more. 

Most orders placed on dropzonespecialties.com will be shipped unless the local pickup option is chosen.

We are based out of Central Point, Oregon.  

While currently looking for a storefront, we are working from Home.  Word of mouth has made us what we are today and we will continue to grow.  In late February to early March, we will be purchasing a wide format printer and in turn, offering custom stickers, printed banners and more!

Just wait!

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