Meet some people!

Meet some people!

What an insane and rewarding month this has been.  Some weekends we would have two or three events…even 2 or 3 events the same day!  This month has been a success in my eyes; we’ve met some great people, made some excellent acquaintances and opened up doors that we otherwise would not have had the opportunity.

At the beginning of the month we hosted a 50/50 raffle benefiting the Boys n Girls Club, that same day we had a booth with my good friend and owner of Legendary Coatings.  The day before, we had a booth at the Drift Comp out at the Southern Oregon Kart Track – this really just served as an opportunity for my son to ride with drivers and have a good time!  Derek Sacci, a DropZone Spec sponsored driver was out and tearing up the track and shredding tires…he did a great job out there and represents DZS well and with a great personality always.

Hot Import Nights came to Portland last weekend and it was about time!  Although, not as large an event as the many previous HIN’s I’ve been to, it was fun and worth going.  My good friend Jordan Smith accompanied my family and I to the Convention Center where we got to enjoy checking out about 300 very well built and kept up cars.  It was also a good time to meet some other starter companies trying to do big things and go somewhere.  I got swindled into buying a friggin’ awesome carbon fiber wallet with an intricate and unique weave pattern from Common Fibers.  Great guys that obviously take great care in producing a product you will love for years!  Bam Shifts was there and showing off their bamboo shift knobs…badass!

I couldn’t be more grateful to be where I am in life, to be traveling and meeting so many wonderful people with businesses that I know will flourish, and we may do some business together and all benefit.  DropZone has no where to go but up, it’s come quite a ways quickly and I’m not about to slow the pace.  Thank you my customers past and present…I hope I can ear the business of others and have an opportunity to prove myself or just let my work and customers speak for themselves.

Now, go and click those hyperlinks and check out these great companies…let them know who sent you!

Common Fibers Wallets – I have the middle one!

Haven’t bought one of these yet, but I want custom, so….